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Operate your arched and angled blinds and shades with the touch of a button.

When To Consider Motorization for Arched and Angled Blinds

Larger Blinds. Motorization is suggested for arched and angled blinds larger than 72 inches wide or 72 inches long.
High Off The Ground or Hard To Reach. Motorized solutions are ideal for windows that are high off the ground or hard to reach.
Eliminate Cords. Motorization eliminates operating cords for a clean, safe environment.

Home Automation and Building Automation Compatibility

BCC Specialty Shape arched and angled blinds are available for virtually every home automation system.

Blinds for arches and angles are available for home automation systems including Lutron, Crestron, Vantage, LiteTouch, Control4, Savant, LiteTouch, Z Wave, ZigBee, Mecho Shades, and most other home automation systems. RS-232 serial communication is available for all motorized specialty shape applications.

Motor Systems for Motorized Angled Blinds and Motorized Arched Blinds

Motor systems include Somfy, Hunter Douglas and others.

Motorized Angled Blinds

Motorized Trapezoid Blinds

Motorized Triangular Blinds

Motorized Arched Blinds

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Motorized Pentagon Blinds