Arched & Angled Blinds: Problem Solved.

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BCC Specialty Shape Blinds for arches and angles offer industry exclusive solutions.

Virtually any size or any shape of arched blinds, angled blinds, trapezoid blinds, triangular blinds, quarter round blinds, & pentagon blinds.

Motorized arched blinds & angled blinds, with manual solutions available.

Fully operable arched blinds and angled blinds with industry exclusive operation.

Honeycomb & Cellular Materials for Arched and Angled Blinds

BCC Specialty Shape Blinds produces an exclusive product line of fully operable blinds for arched and angled window shapes. The most popular product offerings are selected from an extensive collection of honeycomb and cellular blind materials. Honeycomb materials are available in an array of stunning colors and styles. These material provide clients with the highest levels of energy efficiency, sun control, glare control, privacy, and light control. Selections include light blocking options that range from translucent to semi-opaque to blackout options.

Honeycomb materials also provide what is most important to a majority of clients: a fully operable blind application for arched and angled windows which provides protection from the sun and elements when needed, and a wide open view when desired. Our patented and exclusive blind systems are available with full operation for virtually any size or shape of arched, angled, trapezoid, triangular, pentagon and other specialty shape window.

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