Angled Blinds & Shades / Arched Blinds & Shades

Available Materials for Arched & Angled Blinds & Shades

Arched & Angled Honeycomb & Cellular Blinds

Honeycomb or cellular material is the most versatile and most requested option for arched, angled, trapezoid, triangular, pentagon and other specialty shape blinds.

Honeycomb material helps with glare, light control, privacy, and energy efficiency including heat gain and heat loss. Honeycomb is also a tight compressing material which allows for significant protection from the sun when needed, and for a wide open window when desired.

BCC Specialty Shape Blinds for arched and angled windows are fully moveable and will raise and lower completely on arched and angled windows. Our patented and exclusive systems will not be found anywhere else.

Arched & Angled Bottom Rolling Screen Shades

Arched, angled and trapezoid bottom rolling screen shades will raise fully to the top of a window and will lower to the bottom of the window when full visibility is desired.

The roller assembly of a bottom rolling screen arched and angle shade will mount at the bottom of the window. This roller tube assembly may be installed into a custom pocket or covered by a valance. A pocket unit will also be required at the top of the window where cord retractors which raise and lower the shade are housed.

Arched and angled bottom rolling screen shades are available in a range of colors in the following openness options: 90%, 95%, 97%, and 99%. The higher the openness number, the greater the UV protection. A 95% selection takes out 95% of the sun’s UV while allowing for a open view to the outside.

Arched and angled roller screens require motorization for operation.

Important considerations for arched and angled bottom rolling screed shades.

Bottom rolling screen shades for arched, angled and trapezoid windows require AC motorization. Bottom rolling screen shades will also require a pocket at the base of the window to house the roller tube assembly. Bottom rolling screen shades will also require a pocket at the top to house the cord retractor units.

Arched & Angled Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Wood blind options are available for arched and angled blinds. An arched, angled or trapezoid wood blind will tilt along the entire length of a window. Depending upon size and shape, most BCC Specialty Shape wood blinds for arches and angles will raise and lower much like a rectangular blind, but stop at the beginning of the arch or angle.

Specialty shaped wood blinds will have some size restrictions. For more information, please email a sketch of the window with sizes.