Arched Blinds

Arched Blind Features

  • Industry Exclusive Operation. Arched blinds raise and lower fully on an arched window.
  • Any Size. Any Shape. Arched blinds are available for virtually and size or any shape of arched window.
  • Fully Operable. Arched blinds will provide full operation, with the blind raising completely the top of the arched window.
  • Virtually no restrictions on size or shape of an arched blind for an arched window.
  • Motorized Arched Blind Operation: Battery operated with remote control is the standard motorization option for arched blinds. Plug-In Transformer and AC available.
  • Manual Arched Blind Operation: Arched blinds raise and lower with a draw cord and cord cleat.

Material Options, Styles & Colors

Most arched blinds from BCC Specialty Shape Blinds are fabricated from honeycomb and cellular materials. These materials offer an extensive range of styles and color options and are available in light blocking options from translucent to semi-opaque to blackout (or light dimming).

Fully Operable Arched Blinds

Arched blinds and shades will raise and lower fully on the entire arched opening. The arched blind or shade will cover the entirety of the window when in use, and will compress to the base of the arched window when desired for full window visibility.

Motorized Arched Blinds

  • Battery powered with remote control is standard for motorized arched blinds and shades.
  • Smart phone apps are available for iPhone and all other smart phones with arched blind motorization.
  • Low Voltage with plug in transformer and AC options available for all motorized arched blinds.
  • Home Automation controls for motorized arched blinds are available for all home automation systems.

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