Arched Blinds and Angled Blinds

Patented and Exclusive Solutions from BCC Specialty Shape Blinds.

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The ONLY solution for arched, angled, trapezoid, triangular & pentagon blinds featuring:

  • FULLY Operable blinds for arches and angles.
  • MOTORIZED or Manual blinds for arches and angles.
  • ANY Size.
  • ANY Shape.
  • WIDE assortment of COLORS and STYLES.

The #1 industry choice for angled blinds and arched shades.

For more than twenty years, BCC Specialty Shape Blinds has fabricated fully operable motorized and manual blinds for arched, angled, triangular, pentagon, quarter round, and most other window shapes. We provide exclusive and patented solutions specifically designed for difficult to cover windows.

Side Angle Honeycomb Shades

Arched & Angled Windows? Problem Solved.

Motorized Trapezoid Blinds

Motorized Arch Blind

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Side Angle Honeycomb Shades


  • Patented & Exclusive Operation. BCC Specialty Shape Blinds provide patented and exclusive operation for angled, arched, triangular and pentagon blinds.
  • Fully Operable. Arched and angled blinds from BCC Specialty Shape Blinds are designed for full operation on a window. Each angled or arched blind we fabricate is designed to raise and lower completely on the arched or angled window.
  • Any Size. Any Shape. Arched and angled blinds from BCC Specialty Shape Blinds are designed to accommodate virtually any size and any shape of arched or angled window.
  • Motorized Options. Arched and angled blinds from BCC Specialty Shape Blinds are available with a full compliment of motorization options. Battery operation with a remote control is standard for motorized arched and angled blinds. Arched and angled blinds can be controlled by an iPhone or other smart phone. Low Voltage with plug-in transformer and AC options are also available for all motorized arched and angled blinds.
  • Style and Color Options. Honeycomb and cellular materials are the most versatile materials available and the most requested application for arched and angled blinds.
  • Light Blocking. Arched and angled blinds are available in a variety of light blocking options from translucent to semi-opaque to blackout (or light dimming).

Why Cover Arched & Angled Windows?

  • Energy Efficiency. The sun heating up a room can be a particular concern with high off of the ground or larger windows. Whether for heat gain or heat loss, energy-efficient window treatments can help keep a home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • UV Exposure. Sun exposure will cause fading of furnishings, carpeting, hardwood floors or cabinets.
  • Solar Glare. Glare on the television and computer screen.
  • Light Control. Controlling the volume of light can be can be a specific concern with windows which are higher off of the ground and can be dependent upon the direction the window faces, time of day, and time of year.
  • Aesthetics. BCC Specialty Shape Blinds offers fully operable blinds for arched and angled windows which provide protection from the sun when needed and a full view when desired. Fully moveable blinds offer a much more pleasing aesthetic when compared to a fixed position solution where the blind is installed in a fixed position which will not raise or lower.

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